About us

About Us

Established in the 30’s, Siva Industria Pelli is the result of a long tanning tradition. Siva reflects the history of a family of entrepreneurs who, since three generations, combine creativity with high quality raw materials to create leather that can meet the needs of the finest upholstery companies in the luxury market.

It is the synthesis of working techniques refined over years, based on the search for natural ingredients and on the use of the most advanced technology, in order to achieve the highest standards of quality and aesthetics.

According to SIVA's principles and business’ choices, the production of leather involves the best European raw hides, which are further re-selected in different manufacturing phases, in order to ensure the authenticity of leather quality.

The history of Siva today revolves around Edoardo Alberio, Umberto Alberio and Giada Barozzi, who run the company with progress and efficiency, involving the best technologies, maximum commitment and, above all, an enormous passion for leather.