Quality policy


SIVA INDUSTRIA PELLI srl draws its origins from the experience of generations of tanning entrepreneurs, started in the 30's in Galliate. The current owners represent the third generation descending from the founders.
According to SIVA's principles and business’ choices, the production of leather involves the best European raw hides, which are further re-selected in different manufacturing phases, in order to ensure the authenticity of leather quality.

Siva Industria Pelli mainly produces upholstery leather.
Flexibility is the main feature of this "tanning atelier", allowing the supply of articles, quantities and colors according to the customers’ needs in a short time.

Aiming at the customer satisfaction, SIVA INDUSTRIA PELLI srl has defined a market strategy able to recognize the customers' needs and requirements and to correctly describe the relevant performances of its products.

SIVA INDUSTRIA PELLI srl has grown continuously over the years, establishing itself as one of the most important producers of quality upholstery leather, not only on the Italian luxury upholstery market, but also in the European (Germany, Switzerland, Scandinavian countries) and extra European market (Australia, Japan).

The Top Management is committed, by providing human, instrumental and economic resources, to pursue the objectives of continuous improvement not only in terms of Quality, but also in the Environment, Safety and Health of Workers, as an integral part of its activities and as a strategic commitment to the more general aims of the company.

SIVA INDUSTRIA PELLI srl wishes to establish its own reality in the market by continuously improving its processes, as well as its Quality Management System, which is one of the strategic tools to achieve the business objectives.

SIVA' s Management considers the Management System of Quality, Health, Safety and Environment as a strategic opportunity to guide the growth of the company.

The activities of SIVA INDUSTRIA PELLI S.R.L., in relation to health, safety and the environment, must comply with the laws, regulations, administrative practices and national policies of the countries in which it operates, as well as the international agreements and standards that the company has chosen to follow.

SIVA INDUSTRIA PELLI S.R.L. intends to pursue the continuous improvement of health and safety conditions in the workplace and environmental protection over time and is committed to increasing the culture of health and safety and respect for the environment among its employees.

SIVA INDUSTRIA PELLI S.R.L., through the solutions adopted for its products and services, also actively contributes to the promotion of technological development, aimed at the safeguarding of resources and environment.

The resources of SIVA INDUSTRIA PELLI S.R.L., as part of their duties, actively participate in the process of risk prevention, environmental protection and health and safety protection for themselves, their colleagues and third parties.
The company undertakes, as far as possible, to ensure that all employees, managers, directors, collaborators, as well as the staff of other companies with whom it may carry out mutual activities - even temporarily - observe constant compliance with the laws and regulations in force in all countries in which the company operates, as well as the organizational and procedural rules adopted by the clients.

The Management promotes Quality culture, since it strongly believes that the Quality of products and services provided by SIVA INDUSTRIA PELLI can only be reached through the commitment of all those who work in the Company and for the Company, in order to obtain an improvement in its own organization as well as a reduction in Non-Quality costs.

The Management considers the effective application of the Quality Management System to be responsibility of the entire organization and calls on all workers at all levels to comply with its Policy and with what is defined in the Quality Management System, within the framework of respective skills and responsibilities.

The Management considers training and active participation of the staff to be essential in all corporate choices, being aware that change is effective if everyone is taking part at it, considering that QUALITY of products / services and SAFETY of workers are obtained by those who actively participate and not by those who check.


SIVA INDUSTRIA PELLI sets following objectives as a priority for its Company Policy:

  • Full satisfaction of customers' requirements and expectations by providing high quality products. The company's commitment therefore involves: development guidelines, sales and investment policies, management organization and performance audit, compliance with customer's specifications, standards and laws.
  • The involvement of all interested parties, so that they can actively participate, together with the Management, in the commitment to the Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Staff motivation at all levels. The Management is aware that the Quality of products and services also depends on the involvement and cooperation of all the staff, whose contribution is fundamental to achieve the business objectives. For this reason, the Management believes that the training and development of skills are the key for continuous improvement.
  • The Management of SIVA INDUSTRIA PELLI strongly believes that continuous improvement is fundamental to successfully combine the company growth with high standards of quality of products and services, care for the environment and protection of workers' health and safety. The Management has therefore adopted the strategic choice of paying the utmost attention to the needs of its customers and of constantly monitoring products/services and internal processes, in order to ensure the highest performance according to the business objectives.
  • Attention to the environment: investments in plants and machineries to reduce electricity consumption and environmental impact, internal and external LED lighting, use of self generated energy from its photovoltaic systems, elimination of plastic water bottles through installation of purified water dispensers, research and development of environmentally sustainable products.

In addition, the management is committed to ensuring that:

  • The results of the company's performance are taken into account in order to identify improvement objectives; the planned improvement objectives are monitored, the effectiveness of the actions taken to achieve them is evaluated and any deviations from the objectives are considered as potential risks for the company and, consequently, corrected in a timely manner. The improvement objectives are reviewed periodically or in case of significant deviations in their achievement or changes in the context.
  • The legislation applicable to the products is fully respected and applied; all legal requirements/compliance obligations and regulations in force are respected, as well as the requirements that the company has voluntarily signed up to;
  • The company operates in compliance with Quality requirements, paying particular attention to environmental protection and pollution prevention and committing itself to energy saving objectives.
  • The general health and safety measures according to Legislative Decree 81/2008, article 15, are pursued and used to identify the company's objectives, in particular to provide safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of work-related injuries and illnesses.

SIVA INDUSTRIA PELLI's Management makes this Policy available to all employees and people operating under the organization’s control with the aim of making everyone aware of their own obligations.

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